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Disco Dan Live!


Just a quick note to plug a gig I'm DJ'ing at tomorrow night (Thursday) at The Southwark Rooms in Southwark Street, London Bridge.

Free to get in and the funky house party lasts from 7 till great to see some of you fellow addicks!

Cheers - Disco


  • Why don't you organise a clash between AFKA Disco Hi-Fi and Ketman Outernational, with the early warm up by DJ-C3PO. Could be big...
  • Or an even better Idea how about we have a 'Charlton Life' Christmas Party with all the DJ's playing. I think I can sort out the Millenium Suite as the Venue if I have a word with CAFC.
  • Good idea... We could invite the players and maybe some of the birds from elite clubbing!
  • Nice call, a christmas party! Ketman, is that the kind of thing you could sort out??
  • I could arrange the venue at Club hopefully at a reasonable rate. Not sure about the Orange coloured women though, perhaps someone could contact Simon Jordan & ask him as they obviously mix in the same circles..!
  • I can sort some orange women! Well woman!lol
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Roland Out!