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Greetings all!
So we have seen JFH in 3 games, what is the consensus about how he is contributing to the team. At the moment I am still undecided I think he has still to get an understaning with DB though his flick on Saturday was most welcome. He is at his best inside the box so a better supply would help


  • Welcome lats.

    Saturday was an improvement on the previous two, but still not enough for me.
  • I am starting to fear that he is not our type of player. Needs ball to feet in the box, and we haven't seen too much of that in recent years. Can see him getting the proper hump if he has to spend the season chasing after everything.

    Time will tell....................
  • i do fond it quite amusing though when he gets the hump....
  • Murphy, our last "big" player, was given considerably more than 3 games to "bed in" before fans started being critical. I thought Jimmy did well on Saturday and I could see encouraging shoots of an understanding developing with Benty. He also played a lovely ball into the box to the feet of Young to put him behind the defence in the second half.

    I think he will prove a decent signing in the Di Canio mould. I hope so anyway!
  • Looks like he is to heavy to me, not very mobile. Some quality passes but i would like him to lose a few lbs and become a bit more mobile.
  • I thought he did well v Bolton. OK he is never going to run into corners for you but when he got the ball he used it well and was always available for the ball. Remember we've played with 10 men and/or against Man Utd this season.

    JFH not only set up the 2nd goal but also the disallowed goal in the first half with a good turn and reverse pass. Get the ball to him in the last third and he will create chances. It's just that with 10 men he has nearly always had 2 or sometimes 3 players on him and little support.
  • Too early to judge considering....... 4.5 hours footbal of which 2 hours have been with ten men and 1.5 against a rampany Man Utd. Doesn't leave him much time to make a true impression.
    I'll give him another five games (including a hatrick against Carlisle in the cup)
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