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Luke Young and Darren Bent

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It makes my blood boil.

Comments from the Telegraph.

"Saturday's starting line-up is likely to be the same as against Greece, with the exception of the injured Gary Neville at right back. If his place goes to his recalled brother, Phil, the only difference on the team sheet will be a single initial, although McClaren is also considering Charlton's Luke Young".


  • Got to be Young he proved he can handle this level of footie. Neville will be a backward step.
  • Does everyone seriously believe that things are going to change now that McClaren's in charge?!?!
  • I'd like to think so! If Darren doesn't get at least 30 mins it will be stupid- if Luke doesn't start, it will be total madness!
  • Is McLaren in charge, or is it really Max Clifford pickign the teams?
  • I really don't understand why everyone is getting bent out of shape over CAFC players inclusion or lack thereof in the England team. How happy would you be if Darren scored a Hat-rick against Andorra & suddenly the Football worlds eyes are on 'Our' Player, more unwanted bids etc. Personally I am happy for them to be in the squads & not particularly fussed whether they play or not.
  • I more or less agree Ketman. The only potential downside is if the players think that they are not playing because they are only at "lil ol Charlton".
  • My common sense agrees with Ketman but my red & white heart wants them to play and show the world how good are our players. Luke I'm not too bothered about starting the game but for Darren it's different, a striker is judged by his goals and it must be very difficult to come on for the last 20 or 30 minutes and prove yourself. Darren needs to start a game and be given his chance, IMO he's better than any of the other strikers in the squad, McLaren needs to let him prove it.
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