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My take V Bolt-on

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Morning all,

Great day on sat, beating our bogey team with ten men most of the game. Well done Dowie and the players, I was most impressed.

As per usual, I was in bits most of the day, in the Bugle before was great, watched the Westham game legally and got served quickly. Bugle is a good pub, with the same owner that's been there for years. Good game to watch Westham v Scousers, a good pre match match. Mr Mortain was in accompany along with Ketman.

I wasn't optimistic about playing Bolt-on, they bore me, they got crap fans, and we cant beat em. But I thought lets get behind the boys and see if we can cheer em on to victory. During the game I thought our atmosphere was pretty good, a touch was Bolt-ons pony turnout wasn't drowning us out! But anyhow, I still have a sore throat even now!

Kevin Davies is an animal, simple as. What annoyed me most was reading NOTW the next day there was a big spread on Herman, and how his elbow was 'on purpose' and how Davies' elbow was accidental! A joke! Why I read that tripe I still don't know! Anyway I thought Herman should of gone, no doubt, just cant understand how Davies didn't walk for any of the 4 or 5 elbows he had done leading up the the incident.

Positives were, Traore, Reid, Faye who imo all did very well. Carson was quality, and now we can see why Dowie will persevere with him. Benty and JFH were ok, and are coming together nicely. Bent was clinical with his finishing. Kish did ok to shore things up. All in all I was well pleased, so the celebration after was imminent!

I don't normally partake in too many after game beers, just normally go home for a nice relaxing smoke. Decided to go in the Bugle for a couple, bumped into random Bolt-on fans in there, well in the car park anyway, and had proper chinwag with them! Ok they were. One beer too many, and as soon as me and Mortain got back to mine, where I had a smoke ( 2 to 3 pulls max) and that was it, puked my poor little ringer up! I was in a bad way! Mortain was highly amused. As a result I couldn't drink the next day and paid the penalty as I got terrorised for stayin on the Lemmo's! I was so bad that I feel (even now) that I had done ten rounds with Mike Tyson in his heyday! I am hurting now and am not drinking ever!!! (yeah right, heard it all before).

The conclusion being is that I may have to steer clear of beer for a wee while! Well probably until Friday to be precise, going to Devon for a nice relaxing break.

Anyway I am going to end this drivel here, as I could go on for years with stories from Satdee!

Oh forgot to mention that some of CharltonDans Song starting was great.


  • Zammo was right

    Just Say No kids
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  • Ollie come over to the 'Dark' side, powder is the way forward I tell ya..!
  • The dark side, your right there man. Gonna do away with it mate, once i have done Amsterdam i am clean!
  • yeah right
  • I kicked it before and i'll kick it again. Anyway i have to, otherwise there was no point in selling my Mini for money saving reasons!!
  • 04, you feeling better today you tart???
  • what did you make of it Mortain, as a neutral ?
  • I'm about to watch a bit of it now, as my MOTD download from the weekend finally made it in.
  • Mortain, i am ok now thanks god. I thought nothing less of giving beer up! But never fear 04 is here and is still onit (sorry off_it)
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  • [cite]Posted By: AFKA Bartram[/cite]what did you make of it Mortain, as a neutral ?

    I had plans of writting a little article on my take of the game, being an "outsider" (wouldn't say neutral as I hate bolton!!), but a few too many beers and what not put that idea aside!!

    I thought you done fantastic to get a result after going down to ten men.
    Especially aginst a side like bolton.

    I was shocked that they didn't put you under the cosh when HH got his marching orders, and the longer the game went on the more i thought you could get something from it.

    One thing though, get rid of the poxy brass band!!!
  • Well Mr Mortain stood next to me all game & I can happily report he joined in all the songs rude or otherwise & jumped up and down like a girl at the penalty save & our goals. Are you sure your not CAFC Mortain...?
  • don't mind him jumping up and down like a girl, but if he starts running like a girl, then send him back to Upton Park !
  • I did indeed join in with a few red army chants, but i ain't having none of the rest!!!

    My jumping was extremely manly!!!

    I was CAFC for the day ketman, mixture of beer, being the underdogs (10 v 11) more beer and my hatred of bolton saw to that.
  • He sure is trying to squirm out of these allogations eh peeps!!
  • Not denying I have an affection for charlton.

    Bit like you at the brighton beamback 04....
  • Yeah but i admit i sang the songs, cheered the cheers and what not, just like i did at wetspam v Mirwall. I aint denying nowt, your tryin to squirm aint ya son!
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    I ain't squirming jimmy, the "I ain't having none of the rest" was about the jumping up and down like a girl bit, as my jumping was very manly!!

    Haven't denied nor tried to squirm out of the fact that I was an honorary charlton fan for the day.
  • Good girl, good girl.
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