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Fouls.Sorry if the link dosen't work.

Anyone seen a worse foul than any of these.


  • Yep, thousands worse than those.

    First that springs to mind is Harald Schumacher's assault on Patrick Battiston in the 1982 world cup
  • The best ones are 10 seconds in,16 seconds in,23 seconds in and 1 minute 21 seconds in.

    look for are midfield enforcer Darren Ambrose!!!!

    Best tackle i have ever scene.. Graham Stuart on Ronaldo.. FACT>
  • I thought Eddie Youds on Dennis Bergkamp was worth a mention.
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    Didn't know this up until now but Zheng Zhi broke Cisse's leg playing for China.
  • why was Cisse's leg playing for China?
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    [quote][cite]Posted By: addick1965[/cite]I thought Eddie Youds on Dennis Bergkamp was worth a mention.[/quote]

    That was bone jarring watching from behind the goal...

    Back in Div 3, a bloke called Tartt who played for Chesterfield chopped killer as he was through on goal. He got up and walked of in disgust, fast forward to the return game up there and Tartt made the mistake of dwelling on the ball in the centre circle with Halesy bearing down on him. It was one of those moments when everybody knew what was coming apart from the bloke on the receiving end. Next thing, arms, legs and beard flew through the air and CRUNCH!

    Amazingly, I think because the ref couldn't quite believe it he only gave a yellow!

    BTW, the Blackburn player hoofing the Norwich player was Jay Bothroyd
  • I'm sorry but the best tackle ever has got to be Steve Browns tackle on nicky summerbee (i think) in the play off final.
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  • The one Keane did on Alf inge haaland was horible.
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