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So, what a suprise, joke club, lost an awful lot of respect for Harry now as well!


  • Harry is a great manager but a footballing whore.
  • I know, not doing himself any favours. lets hope he gets it wrong there. Ramos sacked almost a year after he was stolen from Spain, what an unlikeable team.
  • harry has to be off his head going there,i cant take the bloke serious anymore
  • Thing is Tav you just know he will do well.
  • i give him that,he always seems to
  • Maybe Pompey could spend some of their five mil compensation on buying out Pards' contract? But they're more likely to be looking in Curbs' direction, I would guess...
  • Pompey are in huge financial difficulties and now that Harry has gone I think that they will steadily decline back to their rightful league status in 2nd teir of football much like another club I know.
  • Didn't too well at Southampton....

    No loyalty left in football anymore....
  • Curbs to Pompey would make some sense. Solid prem club with more realistic expectations than West Ham, and not a basket case team
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