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Bolanos Work Permit Anyone Know Why

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Bolanos is having difficulty obtaining a work permit?

Kish and Hermann are (were) both from non EU countries so presumably have one so what is the difference with Bolanos?


  • I have been involved in making work permit applications, but not for footballers. I can tell you that the paperwork is very exacting and everything must be absolutely correct, any mistake and the permit will be denied. When denied they advise you the reason and then another application can be made and if it is all correct it will be allowed. I guess CAFC made an error in their application which will be rectified and we'll see Bolanos play at the Bridge.
  • Well they always talk about the number of internationals played in the last 2 years for their country, I don't know has he been a regular in the Costa Rican side and playe din more than 70% of the internationals through that period or has e only in the last year borken into the international side? I don't know he may have a period injured which is why he has not achieved this.

    I also think there is a criteria about improving the league or some such maybe they felt that we could get a similar player from within EU, all conjecture though.
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