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cup games

i am getting frustrated with our cup draws. in recent years we have drawn blackpool, yeovil, hartlepool, rochdale and now carlisle all at home. how am i suppose to 'do' the 92 grounds with charlton, (i'm on 68 i think) when we keep getting home ties.


  • Carlisle away on a Tuesday night would have seperated the men from the boys I tell thee !!
  • In the good old days it would've been over 2 legs.Imagine our numbers there if we'd been 3 or 4 up from the home leg!
    I agree it's hugely frustrating re the 92 grounds.I'm stuck on 70 odd,and have already been to the Madejski so have no new ones to tick off this season.Oh hold on,I forgot The Emirates so there's one.But do we have to scratch off grounds that are no longer used like Roker,Highbury,The Den etc? I've been to 70 odd grounds but if you are talking current grounds i drop to 50 something i reckon plus those who've left the League i've lost too.
  • i've tweaked my rules to suit me, i do it by clubs rather than grounds.

    I'm on 62 at the moment, but have lost half a dozen in the last few years through falling out the league etc.

    I've only Wigan in the prem i haven't done.
  • AFKA,
    A sad admission I know but I wrote to the official '92 Club' years ago to ascertain their rules.It is done as you have been counting,by clubs rather than grounds.So if you saw a game at Selhurst and we were at home,then a Palace home game you'd been to 2 different clubs,rather than 1 ground.Also for it to count you had to see a first team game of football,not say rugby league if there was a groundshare.So those folk who saw Elton haven't actually been to The Valley according to official rules for example!
    When I wrote though it was before all the new grounds were going up,and relegation from the league hadn't long been about.It's an uphill battle these days,a constant work in progress.
  • I've 'lost' in the past few years:

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