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Charlton Life's 'Allo, 'Allo

AFKA - Von Smallhausen


  • Valley McMoist - Rene - FACT!
  • Ketman and 04_MCS as the two British Airman, Fairfax and Crabtree, who are ever so nice but dont have a clue whats going on around them

    Curb_It as Michelle of ze resitance

    Stone as Herr Flick

    Suzi as Mimi Labonq / Private Helga Geerhart

    AFKA as Captain Hans Geering

    So who is going to be Lieutenant Hubert Gruber?
  • The Airmen were Fairfax and Adamson.

    Crabtree was the tall Brit Spy playing the French Gendarme with an outrageous French accent.

    (Sad Git that I am)

    Paolo Di Canio as Capt Alberto Bertorelli?
  • Who is the French Policeman?

    "good moaning"
  • Thanks Addickted.....Whata mistaka to maka!
  • [cite]Posted By: CharltonDan[/cite]Valley McMoist - Rene - FACT!

    Absolutely...Who's playing Yvette and who's playing Edith?
  • Was Edith Rene's wife? If so, who's playing Edith's Mum... the one that was always in bed.... Polo?
  • Cheapshot.
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