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Post Bolton Reaction

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Get all your reaction after the game in this thread.


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    The Bolton curse finally lifted.

    Seems Bolton weren't at the races today and, finally, Charlton have shown the passion, fitness and determination to win through adversity, with a clean sheet no less!!!

    When Herman was sent off I thought "Here we go again..."

    But no, to my surprise, the boys stuck in there, first to every ball, held out, even dominated, until Davies was justifiably sent off. YESSSSSSSSSSS!

    From the radio commentary, so I could have a skewed sense, Carson, Reid and Bent were phenomenal, and Faye did very well at centre back.

    Bent, the man's worth his weight in gold!!!
  • At half time I wass thinking, maybe a late Bent goal and we can nick it. So much better than that, actually took control for a while with 10 men.

    Faye I thought, apart from penalty and I need to see that, was fantastic. Kish was everywhere, Hughes though? Bent excellent and it was good for JFH to set up BEnt for #2.

    A promising performance and the we all certainly got behind them.
  • Stevie Brown and the other commentator said that Diouf dived, though there was slight contact, he took a step forward then dived.
  • Great performance, great win, players and supporters rallied alike 2nd half.

    Much needed win. Len Glover will be a happy man tonight, the introduction of Kish gave us a bit of bite in the middle and allowed Campo to dominate the game less than he was.

    In Darren Bent, we have a player. Make no bones about that. Seemed sharper than everyone else around him, both goals were truely deserved for his performance.

    As for the elbows, we'll both players are as stupid with each other. After what has happened this week, common sense would tell you to be careful with the ref two yards away. Gave us an uphill battle yet again.

    Carson penalty save was the turning point, but even if we wouldn't of won i would of come away happy. We showed unity and desire, things that have been missing in the last few months.

    A fully write-up will appear in the blog within the hour.
  • It's important too, to get these points and a great performance whilst not seeming to get the rub of the green. We've had dodgy penalties against us and clear penalties for us not given. We've had goals ruled out for offside and the like and we've had questionable fouls result in bookings.
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    Not a classic game for footballing quality but well worth the money for the up and down (or should that be down, down and up, up, up?) nature of it.
    I enjoyed what I saw of Andy Reid (looked like a slimline AFKA) and thought Faye filled in at centre back well.

    I will put my hand up and say that I was slagging Dowie for taking off Ambrose when I thought Hughes or JFH would have been better options. Also leaving JFH on at 1-0 when he looked dead on his feet. He then sets up the 2nd goal.

    A big three points that was!
  • I'm ecstatic even though i was on 1-1.

    Result aside, there was some guts shown out there this afternoon. We don't expect us to be world beaters, but we do expect pro's to give their all. And a few of them bust a gut out there today.
  • I thought Kish was terrific when he came on today...and was also suitably impressed with Traore (who hardly gave the ball away) and Reid - who although tired later on - was always looking to get the ball. Faye adapted very well at Centre Half. TEK never fails to leave me with my heart in my mouth mind!!
  • I'm on cloud 9 after that!

    I questioned Ambrose going for Kish. I thought JFH on the grounds that with 10 against 11 we needed players to cover the pitch.

    Shows what I know! Dowie called it exactly right and I hope some of those (on netaddicks rather than here to be fair) who habitually slate them will have the grace to give Kish and Hughes a bit of credit after that.

    Reid impressed me with the way he dug in and kept going when obviously not 100% fit. I think he could prove an excellent signing if he continues to show that kind of grit.

    We had 12 heroes today though. Unfair to single out any outfield player as they all gave everything.

    Carson impressed me though and I'm not just talking about the penalty.

    The crowd was great and I knocked my flask over with the excitement:-)

    I make you right AFKA this back to the wall victory could kickstart our season!!
  • I thought we played well second half, considering we were a man down.
    I have been dreading this game since the Man U defeat, we never seam to play well against Bolton. they always boss the game and make very difficult to get going.
    It was nice to see a bit of spirit from our team.
    3 points more than I thought we would have today.
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  • [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]I'm on cloud 9 after that!

    The crowd was great and I knocked my flask over with the excitement :-)

    LOL Len! Hope the blanket isn't stained!
  • Kishi changed the game in the second half IMO. The guy was absolutely superb. Wasnt surprised he came on as Holland wasnt fully fit. Was quite surprised Romm didnt replace JFH though as at least some attacking options would still be in place. (Not that they were needed in the end). Great work by Dowie today though, very impressed. 10 men, never gave up & gave us a performance that was really needed.
    Pretty speechless to be honest, still in shock. Ecstatic though & it made my lonely drive home so much more enjoyable. Thank you Charlton!
  • Anyone heard Alardyce's post match comments, they (Bolton) completely dominated the game when it was 11 v 11 and when it was 10 v 11?! They made chance after chance, and Anelka would have been impressed with that?! That we "nicked" a penalty and it was our only chance up to that point?

    Am I the deluded one who thinks we had a bout 5 corners in about the first 15 minutes out of the 8 or so in that time, or is Jabba not wathcing the same game as me.
  • thought exactly the same Pickwick, very suprised by some of his comments. Compare what West Ham put us under when we had 10 compared to what happened today.
  • having been worried about faye on wednesday, thought he was mom today. can't argue with the performance of anyone. great performance all round.

    as for fat sam's comments they are completed nonsense. charlton looked better side throughout, davis's elbow was clearly deliberate. was it just me, or did there appear to be space between diouf and faye as he flung himself to the ground for their pen?
  • and can we please please please lose the new announcer. he is utter cack. why oh why do we let him announce the opposition out for the second half? and why does he put the emphasis on the wrong word all the time? and why does he talk nonsense?
  • Well done to the lads, Dowie's team is slowly coming together. Listening via the internet and with Browny it seemed that Charlton were the more determined team and wanted it more. Hopefully if the rumours of one or two more players are coming are true then we can go forward from this. No matches until after the international break so hopefully the team has a few more sessions to gel before we take on Chelsea. Go get em lads...
  • The relief of the first points of the Dowie era showed so much, with both the fans and the players. Thank you- it's been a while since i've smiled walking out of the Valley. IMHO Carson and Bent joint MoM.

    But, we do now have issues regarding the defence personel for the next match- With HH suspended- Sorondo, will he be back? Walton- can he be recalled from his loan? Will we sign another defender?

    I'd enjoy the post match hangover so much more with answers to these questions!
  • Sorondo won't be back for a while i suspect, month minimum.

    I would expect one of the new ones we bring in will be a centre half, if not there is the possibility Walton will be recalled.
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  • Never even gave much thought to the injury situation what with Sorondo, Fortune and Gibbs all crocked plus HH suspended. Too busy walking round with a big silly grin on my face and telling everyone what a great afternoon it was.

    With regard to the next game, if the situation remains the same, what about moving Traore to CB (his preffered position) as Stelios had the beating of him a number of times. That would leave the left back slot up for grabs. Too soon for Nathan Ashton?
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