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Greenwich help on parking and things to do

Help if you can |Saturday i want to go to game and sink few beers but daughter down and her and my GF want to do something...well come to the im thinking do Greenwich and then i can go valley...problem is we got two dogs and they both lazy and hate walking girs not can anyone reccomend parking close to park and valley side of park that i dont need a mortage for ...and any good ideas for them to kill time why i get drunk and watch the chaps ....can you walk dogs in park and ant cafes for them to chill in actual park...know there is the market.....also and dog friendly bars.......mmm think ill not be going to footy unless you guys/girls can come up with some gems......chhers dg


  • You can park free on Westcombe Park Road a few minutes walk from the park. Park dog friendly (cat person myself) but i think although they should be on lead many run free, although don't think that is allowed in the rose garden. Plenty of things to do in Greenwich, there is the pubs in the market which are dog friendly and it might be worth checking out the Union Bar as they have good food and garden.
    Could also walk over to Blackheath and sit on heath getting drinks from the Princess of Wales and lots of nice cafes with outside seating.
    Plenty to do whilst you watch the footie, although kind of weather dependent
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