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that airship earlier in the week......

saw it floating about docklands way on 2 days this week.
what was the red sign on the side of it?


  • Stella Artois...
  • it said "u aint seen me right !"
  • "what was the red sign on the side of it?"

    If you can't read this you need glasses!
  • it was all over the SE, saw it in northumberland heath. think coz stella are launching there new beer, and the film season so its just abit or PR tho i hadnt seen an airship for years!! looked a bit wobbly up there to be honest the pilot must have had a few wife beaters to settle the nerves.
  • i was at shooters hill and saw it over docklands and thought it might HAVE been stella.
    quite impressed that i could sort of recognise a beer logo from a few miles away.
  • That's what Stella wanted you to do ........

  • I understand there is now a regular flight/service along the thames estuary/valley and back
  • licensed to fly up to eight trips a day from its base at an airfield in Upminster, Essex. An hour’s ride following the river into town, past Charlton Athletic Football Club, past city airport, past Canary Wharf and on to within spitting distance – not that you would, obviously – of Westminster, will set you back just £360.
  • £360 :-0

    i'll stick to google earth
  • I had a night out in Upminster last Saturday which ended up over in the Aviator Cafe at the Upminster Airfield. The airship was there and loads of IT type people were taking pics.

    They served a nice runny egg is all I can say
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  • Have seen it most days this week.

    Can see it's currently over the Valley....
  • This airship is completely freaking out my cat. Goes right over our house and the cat sits on the garage and looks up confusedly every time it goes past
  • It parks up round the corner to me. Its where they do the flights from .... Bit expensive at £180 for half hour flight
  • you wont catch me on one....


  • Oh the Humanity.....
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