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Lulworth Cove

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How long is the walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door?.....One for you B..



  • Not sure, i would say only about a mile or two. better to carry on and do the b'stard walk to Osmington Mills... 6 miles and awful hills all the way there but a lovely pub at the end of the walk called the Smugglers Inn to make it worthwhile.
  • Cheers...........the car will be back at Lulworth Cove, don't fancy the walk
  • Stay for a couple then buy some takeaways for when you get back to the car!
  • Top drop of Badger in The Smugglers.
  • I'd say it's a bit longer than 1-2 miles, but the gradient is the main thing, a lot of steep slopes to be negotiated but everything is well signposted. Try and choose a warm, clear day as not only are the views better but you won't have to put up with a howling south-westerly.

    When you get to Lulworth walk through the village to the point where you are almost going out the other end - towards Wool and there is a good pub - the Castle Inn on the road. Family owned and run it usually has a good menu. I can't remember what beer they serve but they do have a good garden behind the pub.
  • I've not walked the whole way there and its a mile or two. It's certainly worth the walk up the steep hills because the views are great. I shall probably make a visit there in a week or so as I'm staying in Swanage. Great part of the world - The Jurassic Coast eh?
  • Fantastic place. Go to Lyme Regis if you get the chance.
  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]How long is the walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door?.....One for you B..

    Do yourself a favour and drive it mate - much quicker!

    I carried a pram and all the other gubbings you have with kids down to Durdle Door just from the car park at the top. That was bad but carrying it all back up again makes my arms and legs ache just thinking about it. Was actually seriously considering just dumping the lot and just buying replacements at one point!
  • We walked form Lulworth Cove to Weymouth!blinding walk about 12miles however feels more like 25 miles with the hills
  • Will be there early december so it might be a little chilly....
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  • This is the view from the top of Dungy Head which you get to up a private road from Lulworth. You cant see Durdle Door but its behind there... so you get an idea of the gradients of the walk. The 12 miles was the hardest walk i've ever done but enjoyed my beer in weymouth when i got there.
  • Looks stunning......might run
  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]Will be there early december so it might be a little chilly....

    Should still be ok - provided you have the right weather. Mild days in winter down there tend to be cool rather than blustery. Although any sign of wet weather and my advice is: stay in the pub.

    My parents retired up the coast a bit - Langton Matravers/near Swanage. Christmas day two years ago I walked from there to Dancing Ledge along to Seacombe, Winspit Cove where we ate home made mince pies and then back via the Square and Compasses at Worth.
  • we went in Feburary (a few years ago mind) & the weather was stunning! we even had a bask on the beach!

    then we tackled the walk

    now Hubby & I are hardened walkers but even we huffed & puffed up some of the gradiants..............but then an aging local just stomps by us with his walking stick & it spurred us on!

    the views are stunning & well worth it. on a lovely day it's hard to believe you're not in the med!

    we stayed in the Castle Inn............funny place, felt like Crossroads upstairs in the rooms..........but the food was spectacular!
  • You kept that quiet KBS.
    It was probably the same bloke we met... did he stop to tell you his age.

    Ive not stayed in the Castle but eaten there a fair few times. Can they give you any more bread with every course tho? I was back there two weeks ago.

    which bit of the walk did you do?
  • it was years ago mate
    thought I'd mentioned it to you when you went there for Christmas?
    yep, the old bloke did tell us his age, sixty something it was then, so if he's still going he'll be in his seventies now!

    all I remember about the walk apart from the gradiants was we went right & kept going & going until we came to another pub.............surprise eh & then came back. We took some great pictures on one of those old fashion film know the ones ;-)
  • Is Cerne Abbas nearby?..
  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]Is Cerne Abbas nearby?..

    Depends what you mean by nearby - but around 20-25 miles north westish of Lulworth.
  • Certainly an impressive piece!
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