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Man Utd on Weds

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Is it just me or was Wednesday really not that bad? The result is at the end of the day whats important, but I left feeling like we could really turn some teams over down there this season.

Personally believed we were the better team in the first half but still never thought we could go onto win the game. Out-passing, creating chances is/was never going to be easy against a team like United, especially after the confidence they had going into the game. Subs werent made at the right time & it was silly mistakes that cost us.

Or was I just pissed?


  • i agree. we had more chances, although not accurate ones. thought we were going to hang on till about the 80th min when they'd step up when we were tired.

    our heads just went down after 1 that was disappointing. thats what we've got to work on. keeping the motivation going/up
  • The timing of their first certainly didnt help, right after half term, always a bram stoker
  • i didn't take many positives from it, but i do believe there has been a massive over reaction.

    I think a lot of disappointment stemmed from the fact that it was effectively the same side as last season. Had we put in the same performance with 8 new players, people wouldn't of been so harsh.
  • Trouble is- and it's like when a team are playing with 10 men- that against Utd, and chelski and arsenal is that so much effort is focused on keeping them out that it is very difficult to keep the heads up when the almost inevitable goal goes in.

    Nevertheless- i see Dowie as a good motivator- so if any one can - maybe it's him!

    Bring on Bolton!!!!!
  • i left the ground thoughly dissapointed we were outclassed by a second rate man u jimmy fat h wasnt interested at all and on that performance will a waste of space and money all season
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