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Your School dinners,good or bad.

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Mine were okay,always had a choice,and always got extras.

The parents who's children who curently attend a school at abbey wood have recently voted against jamie oliver meals in favour of burgers & pizzas !



  • Mine were OK

    Everyone loved the Artic Roll

    Abbey Wood says it all
  • Ah, school dinners, I used to fight my way to the head of the queue to get the skin off the custard, lovely!
  • absolutely loved infant/primary school diners. especially the puddings.
    would never ever admit it in school though.
  • [cite]Posted By: paulbaconsarnie[/cite]absolutely loved infant/primary school diners. especially the puddings.
    would never ever admit it in school though.

    My missus works in a school kitchen (private school) she get brings me home all my favourites, chocolate pudding, thick cold custard, Rice pudding complete with skin on top,

    but likewise never admitted it at school
  • I used to have pack lunch, but if i hung around after dinner had been served they would allways give me a few of the left overs......................(wot a pikey little s**t i was) :-)
  • I was at Roan school in the 50s and early 60s and as one of 5 dinner prefects [herding in the younger ones] was last to be served. this meant I could choose from any of the available meals and have as much and as many as I could eat. The food was excellent and it was here I learned to LOVE curry and to always eat my green vegetables. School dinners? LOVED THEM!!!
  • spanish meat balls mmmmmmm
    spam fritters mmmmmmmmm
    roasts on a Wednesday mmmmmmm
    Fish on a friday mmmmmmm

    loved em

    mind you it was over school dinners that sorta meant a very important right of passage to me. didnt know any boys at my sec school when i went there, mum insisted i was to wear school uni. For the first few weeks i had the crap kicked out of me , never had a penny for my lunch as it was all nicked by the Pikeys, then got a wholloping at home for f*cking up my school uni. stopped going to school got caught, got caned (yes that works he aint going to school so we will cane him !!). One day was standing in que for dinner when up the Pickeys came and i snapped.I twated this c**t he hit then deck and i jumped on him, both feet and on his neck !! they pulled me off before he turned to blue and they never touched me again. There were easier targets. Lots of lessons were learnt that day, sometimes there is no one to help you, sometimes you just have to hit back, and i learnt to love school dinners. ------------ i was 12 years old !
  • My mum was a dinner lady at Eltham Green so when i went there i got special treatment. :)
  • At infant school they were totally disgusting, inedible sometimes.

    Middle school they were bareable.

    Upper school, the canteen system had been introduced, so at least you could choose the least awful.

    The parents at the Abbey Wood school should have their kids taken away from them. Seriously.
  • [cite]Posted By: Essex_Al[/cite]Ah, school dinners, I used to fight my way to the head of the queue to get the skin off the custard, lovely!

    snap !
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  • I hated school dinners. I even had trouble with the dinner ladies in the infants, they tried to make me eat meat. (Unusual In the 1960s) I can remember my friends eating their plates clean so the dinners must have been quite good.
  • We had no cooking facilities/staff at our primary school (it was a very small one) and the food had to be brought in like emergency soup kitchen stuff. The food was invariably less than piping hot when it was finally served, on the other had salads were also lukewarm and limp having been kept in metal containers next to hot food in the van which brought it.

    Worst foods were

    Salad (warm and limp)
    Beef Stew ( horrible chewy, gristly meat)
    Sausage meat pie (makes me feel sick now thinking about it)
    Gravy ( lumpy and tasteless)
    Semolina Pudding with jam (didn't like the gritty feeling as you ate it)

    Best were

    Chips (very occasionally and massively popular)
    Liver and Bacon (Bacon was crisp and salty)
    Arctic Roll (Even more occasional and almost a legend)
    Gypsy Tart (Very sweet with a taste you either loved of hated - I loved it)
    Treacle Tart (Sweet and crusty topped - magic)
  • Put me off liver. always used to stuff it it into my pocket to sneak out rather than be force fed it.

    Also put me off mash potato for many years - i couldnt believe when i tried mash about 10 years later that there was no string in it and it became my favourite.

    Hated gypsy tart Bing.

    Apart from those they werent too bad... secondary schoold was better.
  • Gypsy tart, 7th Jan 1969. (that date has left a mark on me)
    First time I had that evil stuff. 33 years later I saw some in a bakers, thinking it could not be as bad as my original experience I bought a big slab of it.
    It was worse. Wife loves the stuff though.
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