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Sorry guys!

Don't want to spoil your week-end and I expect some of you wont be 'that' surprised and that in itself is the shocking part if you like.
Two kids (school mates) 10 and 12 have been stabbed in a street robbery on Walworth.
A fifteen year old is in custody.....FFS, nursery school kids next is it!!!
Sorry, I realise this isn't really Sunday lunchtime stuff but this has really got me mad as hell.


  • My 11year old daughter wanted to go and buy some chips from cotmandene in St Pauls Cray last night,it's about half a mile away but at night has loads of teenage groups hanging around.Much to her disgust i said i would drive her up their with her cousin and once they had brought their chips i would let them walk home.Sad isn't it that i felt like that but when i did drive them up there,there were groups everywhere im afraid they would have been easy targets if anyone had decided to have a go at them.
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    You can only do as you see fit but at least you let them have the experience of walking home unacompanied and at the same time 'checking out the oppo', you did the right thing.
    I could see their chips being nicked if nothing else.
  • I went round my parents last weekend and took the dog for a walk took the kids with me pointing out where i used to hang out after school and at weekends when i was 9/10/11 they couldn't beleive i was allowed out to do that as they aren't allowed,it's a sad inditment of today's society.
  • its going crazy out there
  • My Sons mate was stabbed last month in the face - no reason, just jumped by 8 other kids. This Country is going to the wall.
  • [cite]Posted By: charlton4ever[/cite]My Sons mate was stabbed last month in the face - no reason, just jumped by 8 other kids. This Country is going to the wall.

    Your sons mate isn't called Ryan is he? My little brothers mate had exactly the same thing last month. Poor Ryan is scarred for life for no reason.
  • kid at my son's school - same age 11/12 stole a knife from an art class and tried threatened to stab another kid IN FRONT OF TEACHERS as well
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    RedArmySE7 - yep it is - down at the club in Chatham. My son took Ryan to hospital. 1 week later they were chased in Danson Park by a gang of 30 kids! (2 of them) Poor kids must shit themselves everytime they go out now.
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