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General things that Annoy you



  • buckshee 4 hours ago quote# 36
    Petrol station staff who despite me saying as I put a paper and a pint of milk on the counter "just those thanks" still ask me "any fuel?"

    People who buy milk and papers from a petrol station.... go to a 'kin shop!
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    Television and Music trying to destroy culture buy making celebrities out of people that have absolutley no talent or right to be so.

    Music used to dictate fashion. Now fashion dictates music.

    It really grates on me that someone like a person with no desernible talent such as Cheryl Cole has gets paid millions to tell other people they do or don't. And Danni Minogue? What the fuck have you ever done except have teeth thet don't really fit in your mouth?

    Oh, and while we're on the subject Vocoder/Autotune. Everyone sounds the same. If you can't sing don't fucking bother to try.
  • Takeover threads that are complete and utter bullshit and purely designed to stroke the original poster's ego.
  • People who don't put their lights on when driving at dusk and/or in the rain. When will these morons realise that the point is for them to be seen by others?
  • Cold, scummy washing up water
    People walking slowly in a station/main road/shopping centre/narrow place
    Old people tutting at what I wear and how I sit on a seat on the tube, like it's your god given right to sit down instead of me when I'm on my way home from a 10 hour night-shift and you're up at the crack of dawn?
    People who invade your private space
    People who wait until they get to the barriers to find their ticket/oyster card/likewise with till points and money
    Small dogs
    TV ads in general
    People who wear stupid clothes to 'stand out', sorry but actually, those tights made of PVC with holes in the side? It's not practical, and it looks shit, put some real clothes on ffs
    Tony Gale
    Iain Dowie
    Alan Pardew
    League 1 referees
    Met Police
    Southeastern Trains
    People who think they are great cooks when all they can cook is about 6 different meals for a maximum of 5 people
    The price of Petrol
    The audacious train fares
    The fact that it's 10 to 3 and I can't sleep so I'm on here instead
  • Shop assistants who call me 'mate'
    People who litter
    Stupid drivers
    Shopping in ASDA
  • People who keep calling me by first name who have never met me
    People who spell my name wrongly
    Small pieces of soap that hotels often provide
    People who want the best public services but expect someone else to pay for it
    People who can't hold their beer on Friday nights and terrorise everyone
    Over-zealous parking attendants
    Speed cameras that serve no safety purpose
    Journalists who pretend we can win the World Cup
  • Idiots walking around with a bluetooth on their ear.
    French 'frontalier' (living in france working in switzerland) who talk down Switzerland whilst making 3.5 times what they would earn in France. Barstewards.
    People walking around in tracksuits.
    Moron tv > BB, X Factor, any other reality tv, any thing with a Chav in it Jordan, Alex reid.. or spoilt kids Hilton, kardashians... what a load of fe.king rubbish.
    Irish, who hate the English .. whilst lapping up the football, sky and everything else.
    Platini and Blatter.
  • People.

    The fact that adults are now expected to give up seats for 10 year olds - other way round when I was young.

    Phone calls that start - this is a free call, please do not hang up.

    Country's inability to cope with bit of snow.
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  • Lorry drivers - especially the ones on a wind up trying to overtake each other at 1mph faster at rush hour.
    Tailgaters - usual under 21 chav in a Corsa who doesn't have the power to overtake you anyway when you move over.
    Average speed cameras.
    Public transport.
    People trying to turn going to football into a similar experience to going to the theatre.
    BBC licence fee - not sure what we paying for, especially when it comes to sport.
    People who live in the UK but refuse to adapt to our culture and slag it off.
  • Jamie Oliver
    Chavs and chav culture
    People Claiming to have knowledge on the takeover when they don't (No one is impressed and you look retarded)
    People waiting for a bad result so they can lay into the team- like they enjoy that more than a win.
    Anyone calling another Charlton fan a plastic or having a dig. We are in league one, anyone following the club should be welcomed not abused.
    Fat people on planes when I have to pay excess baggage
    Palace fans in general
    That woman when you dial a number incorrectly " I'm sorry but the number you have dialled...." shut up!
  • Excessive packaging. i want the item, not a game of pass the parcel.
  • Any Woman with her mouth open.
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Petefromcornwall[/cite]While reading this thread dropping a cashew nut near my printer and can't find it. Now when I print something out it will either break the printer or the document will have my nuts all over it.[/quote]

    fnar fnar
  • people that drive around with a foot of snow on the roof of their car, feckwits
  • People who stand in the "fast lane" on escalators.
    People who dawdle at the cross sections and turnings on the underground.
    People who stand gormlessly on South Eastern trains & refuse to move down the carriage. (typically people from Sidcup, Albany Park, Bexley etc)
    People who stand right in front of the doors when a tube stops and tries getting on before letting people off.
    People with iPod earphones that let the whole carriage listen to the crap they are listening to.
    People who haven't got their ticket/oyster ready when they approach the barriers.
    The train that normally turns up with 10 carriages turning up with 8 instead.

    As you can tell I enjoy my journeys to & from work.
  • [cite]Posted By: ads[/cite]people that drive around with a foot of snow on the roof of their car, feckwits

    That annoys you? Why?
  • [cite]Posted By: oldbloke[/cite]Any Woman with her mouth open.

  • Sainsburys opposite Holborn tube. On my lunchbreak, roughly once a week I approach the checkout with a basket containing between 15 and 20 items. I put my basket down and without fail, the checkout assistant will ask me "do you want any bags?". No no, I'll just make a cradle with my arms and you can just pile everything onto me, item by item, that'll be fine. Then on my way back to work I might stop in Eat to buy an overpriced sandwich, where they will insist on giving me a bag whether I want it or not.
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  • I hate it when people - (generally very uncool people) - add z on the end of written words to try & look cool - ie boyz, dayz, sayz etc.
  • People - well my wife who tells me how to drive or criticises my driving - back off!
    Microsoft - double or treble checking that I want to do something! - p*ss right off!
    Telesales people who speak to me as if they are my best mate - f*ck off will you!
    People who stick in the outside lane - move over!
  • Mobile Phones
    Non- Americans calling me Buddy
    Pronouncing "Us" as "Uz"
    Doctors receptionists
    Reality TV
    The cult of celebrity
  • kids with their trousers half way down their asses just pull them up !!!
  • Everybody just needs to calm the f*ck down!!
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    Oh, but while we're at it. Cornish drivers. You think you've got it bad in London! Jeez.

    "Everybody knows I live down 'ere, why should I need to use my indicators?"
  • Any shop assistant that calls me "Bruv" or "Boss".
    People that still can't use cash machines.
    Taxi drivers that can't change a ten pound note.
    People that stand up in the gangway on buses even though seats are available.
    People that think soap operas are good.
    People that play music through their loud speaker on their mobile phone.
    Knowing someone on facebook doesn't constitute having a relationship/actual friendship with people; those that don't realise this are knobs.
    People that think they are hard.
    People that think they are cool.
  • Computer systems that refuse to acknowledge more than one capital letter in a surname

    Companies that insist on sending me friendly letters with my the spelling of my surname wrong because they neglect the second capital letter.

    Companies that insist on using the firstname on my passport. I haven't been called that since I was about 10, why would I want to go back to it?
  • Any Millwall fan or Palace fan being happy becuase they won!
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