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  • God i'd be devastated in teh park was closed that length of time. Not sure that much can be done about it now.

    Roktho? thought you might have something on this?
  • Nothing, but doing some digging
  • I know they are going to spend aprox £24 million on a shooting events stadium etc down by the RA building in Woolwich.
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    A good thoroughbred eventing horse could go round Greenwich Park in around 10 minutes or so.
    OK, maybe they could make the course wind around a bit and double back on itself but that would overlap with other competitors coming into line of sight etc.
    No,it's not an ideal location for such a prestigious event, despite it being a fabulous outlook.
    Sadly, it's simply not big enough.
    Has to go to Burley surely and after all the years they have put into making it a world class eventing course they would justly deserve it.!
  • Greewich park is far more "prestigous" than some horse race !

    The course --- round Greenwich Park --- over Blackheath-- down Shootershill Rd-- Charlton Lido as the water jump-- Up ShootersHill into Oxleys Woods and back to the park.
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    Erm GH, it isn't a horse race as such.
    I fancy you knew that though!
  • Well it is sorta aint it . I mean they or on horses and racing so aint that a "horse race".

    Its all very yuppy though aint it green welly sorta thingy ?
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    Well yes, to an extent but it's the Olympics and they're Brits after all, so they'll get my support, it's an event we are usually quite successful in as well.
    In the event of it going ahead any self respecting fox would do well to keep well clear of SE10 for a while!
  • oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii leave our foxes alone. Get off my landdddddddddddd
  • dearie me - you're not sticking up for the fluffy old foxes now are you GH - you old liberal you.

    welcome Soundas
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  • Curb-It used to leave stuff out in the garden for em--not a good idea. They returned favour by leaving a head less rabbit on the lawn and even coming in the back door !

    Yes i know im a wanna be tree hugger.
  • [cite]Posted By: SoundAsa£[/cite]In the event of it going ahead any self respecting fox would do well to keep well clear of SE10 for a while!

    What am i going to do to these poor foxes then???
  • Latest update from Greenwich Phantom - better news that they apparently do not intend to ransack the park but still no update on park closure.
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