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Greatest ever Boxer--World

OK other than Ali who IS THE GREATEST EVER. Who else is up there ?

Roberto Duran---- tough as teak that guy.
Hagler-- took Alan Minter to bits and was a great.
Sugar Ray Leonard --- pure class took em on and beat em . was to much of a "pretty boy" though.

Dempsey--- possibly the hardest boxer ever said to have had 200-300 fights as a hobo before he ever went into pro boxing.
Rocy Marciano--- a small guy for a heavy but a great


  • Ray Robinson from the past and in my lifetime the fantastic Julio Cesar Chavez
  • Hagler was abeast
  • There was only one The Greatest. It should really be end of thread.

    Ray Leonard/Hagler for best bout...
  • Ali obviously but other than him Henry "Hank" Armstrong world champion (when there was only one !!) at three different weights. Feather, light and welter if memory serves me right.
  • Duran by a mile for me
  • [cite]Posted By: nth london addick[/cite]Duran by a mile for me

    I didn't know Simon le Bon boxed?
  • Certainly not George Michael, i know he has been bashed around the ring a few times
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    Rocky Marciano - did he retire undefeated, the only one ever?
  • Harold Shipman had a lethal jab....
  • ali was never the greatest he proclaimed he was the greatest,always came across as unlikable,insulting frazier like he did,hes in your face religous views and shirking his duties for hes country,lost far to much to be the greatest,mine would be leonard second but for unbeaten record and coming back from the brink rocky marciano.
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  • Larry Holmes...
  • Nolly all thats not boxing thoughis it mate ? In the ring he was something else. Big super heavies like him wasnt supposed to "dance" and he could think as well. Not only out of the ring but in it.

    Holmes is a good call though.

    Love the story about Dempsey in a fight he broke the guys jaw and they say he had a metal tent spike in his glove !!!!!
  • gh i dont think he was the best heavyweight by a long shot,the amount of fights in his early days that he lost and got descision,didnt enjoy watching him on tapes,holmes at hes peak probably beat ali at hes,cooper was never near world class got koed by anyone who was,but if not for dundees gameship had that fight,and the second fight before the cut was once again outboxing him,tyson and rocky would have knocked hes block off,as for a human being the things he said about fellow boxing were disgusting! frazier never deserved that,oh and when they were both at there near peaks frazier bashed him.
  • anyway rocky went unbeaten never lost a fight,the greatest!
  • yes he did , apollo did him in the first one
  • [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]yes he did , apollo did him in the first one

    And Clubber Lang...
  • what about Gary Stretch ?
  • clubber lang bashed him.gary was not half bad,if anyone wants to look at someones record and scoring etc etc type in there name with box rec after it,very intresting,have a look at reggie and ronnies record,pretty good.
  • Gary Stretch is quality in dead mans shoes , ace film.
  • does he act
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  • [cite]Posted By: buckshee[/cite]Gary Stretch is quality in dead mans shoes , ace film.

    blimey, we watched that last month. A disturbing film that was!
  • roy jones junior
  • Hagler. Awesome.
  • WSS I'm with you, Marciano was amazing for his time, was brought up on tapes of him from my old man, excellent fighter. But in the modern day I have to agree with carlsberg, Roy Jones is phenomenal, check him out on you tube, the clip of him with his arms behind his back before he knocks the other fighter out is class
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