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Stockport boss' Sky protest

Unashamedly copied from but made be smile for the first time this week...

We all know about famous modern managers refusing to speak to television stations because of perceived wrongs in their coverage - but what about Stockport boss Jim Gannon? He, reportedly, is not cooperating with Sky before the club's play-off League Two play-off final against Rochdale because of a nine-month customer relations dispute over his defective Sky box.


  • ha ha

    good on him
  • lol
  • NIce one, although he should have waited till he was being interviewed live and asked what was happening about his sky box.
  • that is fantastic , just goes to prove that you should always treat your customers well as you never know quite who they might be
  • proper made me chuckle, good for him !
  • That is very, very funny. Kap 10 is right though, he should have brought it up live on air.
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