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Peter Varney

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Are there any special plans for the Cov game seeing as he's leaving in the summer?

Curbs esque guard of honour before the game?

May well be the last chance to see Chris Powell in a CAFC shirt as well :-(


  • i certainly believe there should be
  • well i for one will try and continue with my Peter Varney's red and white army,it would be nice if some people joined me.
  • Varney Army Varney
  • we wont a song not a bloody tongue twister.
  • i aint there to help you buddy this week i shall start singing it from camber i will make sure larry the lamb knows that the condition on the sT is Peter Varneys red and white army
  • hope he gets a good farewell

    Peter Varneys Red & White Army seesm Ok

    Or theres ok one P V
  • the bloke deserves the whole lot
  • how many fans at most clubs could even name their chief exec....let alone think about singing a song for him !
    edited April 2008
    There will be a presentation before the match - Would be great if we could get as many people in their seats by twenty to two to applaud him.
  • waht times kick off i thought it was 2 o clock
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  • god there you go, i thought it was three.
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]DEFINITELY 2PM

    Only if you want to be there for the 1st Half
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