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If your at a loss re what to do on Sunday and you fancy a day out in Brighton what not join a few of us for a walk to get St Georges Day recognised as a public holiday and to say thanks to all our service men and women ? 12 oclock is the walk then Sunday lunch somewhere,a few beers ,walk,around "the lanes" and watch the Old Firm game in the afternoon sounds like an a1 plan.
12 Gurkhas are in the march/walk and i think it would be special to say thanks to those guys in person.Something this Gov and others have never really done.


  • hoping to make this

    Think i have done a good job on the Mrs to bring me and the kids

    IF not should be a great day

  • Sounds like a damned fine day out for a superb cause! I'm busy so can't do it but good luck with it
  • mate watch the Mrs in "the Lanes" could be expensive !!! some great Art Deco antique shops down there, but never sure if its kosher gear or not?
  • Love the Lanes, cracking old style sweet shop in there, rang a few pubs GH, the Font & Firkin in the lanes has Setanta, so does Belushis on the front and King & Queen up on Grand Parade, only problem is OF kicks off at 12:30, parade starts at 12:00
  • As its Brighton mate i think best to steer clear of any boozer with the name "queen" in the title !!

    as for footie looks like second half only.
  • Hope all those involved have a good day... a very worthy cause
  • would a catholic be welcome gh?sounds for a good cause
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    I'm pretty sure all English people, regardless of their religion will be welcomed Nolly.

    Even non-english people who now reside in this country but are grateful for what ex-servicemen done to make this great country what it is would be welcomed.
  • well we were catholics in the beginning anyway!lol
  • my grandad on my mums side was a war hero,92 this year born and bred in cold blowlane but had the sense to be a chelsea fan
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  • Nolly cant think why RCs wouldnt be welcome ?
  • i new that mate,i will try and get to one that i promise,good luck tomorow.
  • How did it go yesterday GH ?
  • [cite]Posted By: northstandsteve[/cite]How did it go yesterday GH ?

    Good day out, apart from plod at the end making up excuses to take peoples names and details, alleged.
    Marched behind about 10 Ghurkas, very smart, loads of medals and very proud.

    PS.....out driver is a RC, and Irish, so no reason why anybody couldnt join in, race or religion otherwise.
  • +£400 raised which was split between Help The Heros fund and the Ghurkas Benefits Society.

    DA_9 big thanks to the driver and the transport organiser.
  • well done lads
  • nice one fellas
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