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Your First ever salary

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£2,960 per annum 1978


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    £60 a week working a few nights in the welcome Inn pub plus about £50 a week cleaning windows £110 a week and i was in the 5th year of school not bad for those days loads of dosh for football.1982
  • about £80 a week working in a variety of bookies in and around Vauxhall during the mid 90's. during the summer break from doing my degree.

    first proper full time wage was £115/week as assistant manager of a pub - money was crap as they wanted me to live in, despite the flat being a complete bug infested fleapit.
  • first proper job was a outdoor clerk for solicitors in Lincoln's Inn Fields remember it was about 12k a year about 1989

    temped around the city for 2 years before that couldn't decide what to do. Got offered a job at SG Warburg's where I was temping on the dealer floor when I told them i was leaving for my job above and turned them down. Regrets I've had a few.

  • £12,500 per annum 1998

    that was after my £6.50 per hour working in Benetton in Bromley every sunday 11-5 for a year or so in 1997.
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    £1575 pa in 1978
  • £135 per week labouring for a suspended ceiling fitter 92 first proper job

    £45 per week potman at the catholic club in woolwich plus £18 per saturday for milk round £12 paper round( no saturdays) from the age of 14 enough for illegal activities and footie
  • £7500 1988 natwest (that included £3000 London Weighting)
  • £990 per annum in 1971
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    Saturday job was in Sainsbury's, Woolwich between November 75 and May 76. Earnt £4.36 for a Thursday night and all day Saturday.

    Started at Oyez Stationery in June 1976. My wage was £19 per week or £988 per year. Out of that I was able to pay my mum £3 house keeping, buy a weekly train ticket for £2.75, go to Charlton where the entrance fee was about £1.50 (if my memory serves me right) and save for a holiday to Newquay.
  • £4,000 per annum, 1986......scarey
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  • hhmmmmm. first ever, YTS, Woolwich, 1984, about £14 a week, so annualy £728, but it was only a 6 month course.

    First proper salary, Lewisham, 1985, GEC Plessey, Goods Inwards man, took home about £70 a week, so about £4 - 5k per year I suppose.
  • Stock Exchange 1982...took home £250 a month...
  • 14k a year
    in 1998 when i started working in litigation
  • Had various jobs from about age 14 to 20 paying between £20 and £400 per week

    First 'proper' job was 3 days a week in the music department at Channel 4 for £440 per month in 1993, supplemented with £20 a day when I could get it in a music PR company....that was tough as my rent was £250 per month and travelcard was £80 per month...fortunately at that time I met my (now) wife who had a proper job as a television researcher earning £25k pa, so she sponsored me until I went full time at BMG Records for the princely sum of £16k pa in 1994.... Still work in PR and fortunately earn a bit more now.
  • £10,500 in 1996, got upped to £12,000 after 6 months probation.

    Was renting a flat in Rotherhithe with my girlfriend, now wife, proper skint but always found money for a beer.
  • £2625 Barclays Bank East Greenwich, 1983.
    Glad I left!
  • 1989 Postal cadet £89 per week!!

    Left 3 months later to become a fork-lift driver £220 per week KERCHING!!!!!!
  • £7800, as a junior in the print.

    still in the print, and earning handsomely.
  • [cite]Posted By: MCS[/cite]

    still in the print, and earning handsomely.

    You're gonna need to mate! Kids are NOT cheap.
  • ignoring saturday jobs.

    7,500 legal sec 1987
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  • 1961 had a paper round for 6 shillings a week (30p). 1966 started work with Legal & General on £610 a year.Bought a car, went on holiday to Cornwall, drank 8 pints every Saturday night (5p a pint), went to Charlton every week (7p) and the £500 left over my Mum kept for board and lodgings LOL
  • £11,000 in 1992 in insurance (great salary for me at the time living at home), still in insurance (sadly) and thankfully earning far better now !!!
  • £9 a week at Bankside Power Station(now tate Modern) as an apprentice. £2 rail fare--£2 to me mum and i had a whole £5 for rest of week.
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    [cite]Posted By: MrOneLung[/cite]£7500 1988 natwest (that included £3000 London Weighting)

    which branch i worked for nat west started july 87 at charing cross branch
  • £105 a week as an apprentice electrician in 1989
  • now £5k a week as a electrician
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    [cite]Posted By: MrOneLung[/cite]£7500 1988 natwest (that included £3000 London Weighting)

    which branch i worked for nat west started july 87 at charing cross branch

    I worked in Natwest Tower for Documentary Credits dept - I actually turned down extra 500 quid at Barclays just because I wanted to work in that building !!!
    Only left Natwest/RBS January last year after 18 and half years !!
  • 170 plus london weighting hither green hospital as a porter only 16,not a job a boy should be doing,still have nightmares over it still.
  • £50 a week as an office junior in the Kingsway WC2 circa 1983
  • £37 per week. A tenner to my mum and the rest was spend over the weekend.
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