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Their lad Henry didn't get booked for jumping into their fans after their winner

I personally HATE bookings for jumping into the crowd, taking your shirt off etc and find "overcelebrating" a garbage concept

but what about refereeing consistency? last minute... just couldn't be bothered...?


  • He did get booked. Well on the BBC website.

    But not on the OS.
  • right, i take it all back... obviously the couldn't be bothered bit applies to the OS not Mister Stroud
  • I think that Wolves goal was such a downer that its understandable that your eyes were diverted elsewhere.

    Actually the ref was a right pain. Should have booked some Wolves players much earlier for persistent fouling.
  • I was looking for the booking but never saw him get a yellow for celebrating. Wasn't he already booked earlier in the game?
  • I think a few of the Wolves defenders were lucky to escape bookings for as long as they did, and their number 3 could easily have got a second yellow, but Semedo was very lucky as well.

    Having seen it again on the TV this morning, the ref was looking right at him when he got up and made to headbutt their player, and he certainly made a connection.
  • Mr Bacon Sarnie and I both agreed at the game Semedo was a lucky boy

    Sending off would've been a 4-match ban, god knows we need to get him away for a bit somehow, he doesn't work with Holland and he's individually been very weak of late in my opinion
  • The BBC does have the booking for Henry as the same time as the goal.
  • just checked mr peanut:

    Final Result

    Full Time

    90:00 Booking
    Karl Henry (Wolverhampton) booked for unsporting behaviour.

    90:00 GOAL - Karl Henry
    Charlton 2 - Wolverhampton 3
    Goal by Karl Henry (Wolverhampton) right-footed (low centre of goal) from right side of six-yard box (6 yards).Charlton 2-3 Wolverhampton. Assist (cross) by Kevin Kyle (Wolverhampton) from left wing.
  • Im confused. Did he get booked for celebrating the goal?

    I thought the ref showed the yellow card in the middle of our half prior to the restart.

    But must admit my mental state was not at its most retentive.
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