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Plan B

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have a crack at qpr!


  • Plan C

    Stay in the Pub!
  • plan a fucking game
  • E: get our hands on another wide man
  • see what's available on youtube
  • plan g,more loans
  • A decent Plan A would be a start!!
  • plan h.a decent plan
  • Plan I ,
    use the youngsters in the reserve squad
  • Plan D stay at my kids birthday
  • PlanK.....Pardew
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  • Plan A: support the team
  • [cite]Posted By: Imissthepeanutman[/cite]PlanK.....Pardew
    You just couldn't wait for Plan J could you?

    Tell you what - here it is for you now:

    Plan J STOP ****ing whinging and start realising that we had, for several seasons, been punching above our weight. We have **** poor support, most of the people who turn up don't make any ****ing noise and, judging by the reactions of most on here, can't wait to get out of the ground and have another ****ing moan. Curbishley left us with an absolutely dire squad, Dowie couldn't make any difference to it and ended up making it worse, the Reed disaster confirmed our relegation and Pardew was left with the worst Charlton squad since the early nineties. Admittedly, he hasn't got it right, but who would you have as manager in his place? Name one candidate that springs to mind - someone who has to deal with a squad so threadbare that, when you discount the loan signings it makes most other championship sides look better than us. Someone who has the experience necessary to get a reasonably untalented bunch of players who couldn't give two ****s about the club promoted? Someone who can put up with three quarters of the stadium booing his team off at half time after they've at least shown the gumption to get an equaliser, then play better than the opposition (who are above them in the league) in the second half, go behind to a wonder goal, equalise in injury time then concede with the last kick of the game - and have to listen to the same bunch of muppets booing him as he walks down the tunnel. Someone who will be able to sign players in the summer to give us a strong spine, on reduced wages because the TV money will start running out and we still have toss like Faye on our books - being paid premiership wages. Good luck finding someone who fits that bill. I hear Mourinho is still available...

    I've seen more entertainment this season than in the past three seasons combined and, lets face it, it wouldn't make any difference whether we were in the Champions League spots or struggling to avoid the drop into the conference - I'D STILL SUPPORT CHARLTON.
  • Stuart Pearce
    Chris Coleman
    Tony Adams
    Gary Johnson

    Full of integrity/passion not bullshit
  • Leroy - agree with a lot of what you say, but I don't think the squad is 'threadbare', but perhaps unbalanced.

    We seem to have approached this season by bringing in some players who have then not been deemed strong/good enough for us at the moment and so have sent them on loan - eg Christiansen, Dean Sinclair and Racon - while Wright has spent the season at Barnet.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but perhaps we've tried to develop a Premiership-type squad with too much of an eye on the future when we should have been looking at a smaller group of players more suited to a promotion challenge.
  • I thought this post was going to be about the club in Brixton!
  • [cite]Posted By: Chris_from_Sidcup[/cite]I thought this post was going to be about the club in Brixton!
    As far as Pards is concerned it may as well be!
  • Tony Mowbray didnt think this squad was threadbare
  • Agree with all left foot. Squad not threadbare but certainly under achieving no doubt. I still think that this squad plus one or two (playmaker essential) additions will give us a serious chance of making promotion challenge next season. Agree with Leroy in that Pards has the right quality we need right now.
  • our aim now is to have a crack against qpr and try and finish above them
  • [cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]our aim now is to have a crack against qpr and try and finish above them

    QPR will beat us quite convincingly.
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  • [cite]Posted By: Imissthepeanutman[/cite]Stuart Pearce
    Chris Coleman
    Tony Adams
    Gary Johnson

    Full of integrity/passion not bullshit
    Have a word. How many of those would come to us? None. Besides, Pearce has no tactical acumen whatsoever, Coleman hasn't exactly make a roaring success of himself outside Fulham and Adams is a disaster area fullstop. Gary Johnson I'll grant you would be an excellent choice, but is about as likely to manage us as Kevin Keegan.
  • edited March 2008
    PLAN WHATEVER - Get the kids involved and build for the future, forget all this short term Andy Gray/loanee bollocks...

    We got out (and stayed out) of this division with the likes of Rufus, Bowyer, Leaburn, Parker, Konchesky, Fortune etc playing their part along the line

    let's give the likes of Arter, Wright, Basey, Wagstaff, Solly, A Thomas, Shelvey, Uchechi etc etc. a chance to follow suit
  • I dont see why Stuart Pearce wouldnt come to us or any of the others (assuming Bristol City werent promoted re Johnson).

    And your point about the squad being threadbare is not one shared by Mr Pardew or many others.

    I dont see why my comments about considering a managerial change make me any less of a devoted Chartlon fan. My real concern as I have posted on other threads is what names can you ink for the start of next years campaign.

    I struggle to see the progression under Pardew. I thought we had seen potential in Varney,Moo2 and Youga but the way Pardew has played around with the squad makes me wonder if they will be around next season. Are these not legitimate concerns that can be expressed?
  • Plan A - have a plan and stick to it. Way too much chopping and changing with players and formation this season for there to have been any consistency.
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