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Dowie on Soccer AM


  • Put me right off my breakfast... C***
  • on the point of the crewe fans though,went through crewe station back in the 80's and some plumb that was on a seat near us commented on Cafc on the wall of the station!he honestly thought it stood for us!muppet
  • the play off year I got punched in the head at crewe station after the match by some fat scouse baby machine of a woman
  • yeah if dowie had stayed we'd have got relegated anyway and probably be 11th
  • yes but Les reed would not have had a big pay day and a chance to prove his worth to Fulham
  • Like the way he wore that awful shirt to divert people away from looking at his butt ugly mug!
  • He's been on Jeff Stelling's Saturday Drunks today as well. Maybe he's wearing that shirt so Sky can test the contrast on their cameras.
  • i am sure on soccer am they said he has had a broken nose 25 times,maybe he was wearing that shirt to take the focus off his bugle
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