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Poor bloke, he's been arrested in Newcastle last night and has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act according to the BBC


  • Shame a legend of a player but it was only a matter of time
  • Sad but he clearly has had problems for many years now.
  • So sad to see anyone with such talent deteriorate their life so much. With Gazza, even in his prime you could see how vulnerable he was, and have a good idea on how things were going to turn out.

    Must be absolutely potless now as well. Even if he turns himself around, i really can't see how he can get by for the rest of his life. He's not mature enough to work in football or with youngsters, and isn't savvy or intelligent enough to be in media. Route to nowhere.

    Anyone read the Being Gazza book ? I've got it at home but haven't got round to it.
  • was in a top hotel in london after England drew 2v 2 with Greece (Beckham last min). Gaza was in the bar with 2 ruff old sorts, asked him if he wanted a drink. He didnt but he wanted to chat about footie. Only thing was he was so pissed he couldnt talk it was 6.30PM.
  • I have trouble understanding him when he is sober...

    Get well soon...Rangers legend.
  • "Anyone read the Being Gazza book ? I've got it at home but haven't got round to it. "

    A very good read but left me very frustrated as to how anyone could so recklessly waste all that talent and wealth - ended up feeling really sorry for him.
  • Read it too, while ago now. Not a meaty read but depressing all the same.

    God me and my pals idolised him.
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    "He became very agitated and had a steak knife in his pocket"

    He was probably just looking for another steak! It's really sad, one of my first proper football memories was Italia 90 and him.
  • Absolute legend.

    Felt really proud when we all clapped him when he was at the valley taking a corner for Boro.
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