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Al the Addick on TV

edited October 2006 in General Charlton
Shown just before kickoff..... Saw the belly before the face.... ;-)


  • He's gonna love you !
  • Already given him some abuse via text.... the predictable widescreen comment came out once or twice... ;-)

    Despite a massive hangover, he sounded like he took it in good spirit... no doubt the fame has gone to his head.....
  • just got back after a heavy weekend on it! had a few autograph hunters on my doorstep waiting for me! lol

    why is it whenever i go away i end up with the seat right next to the home fans! grrrrrrrrrrrrr spent most of the match having banter with the geordies and then went into Blyth (about 10 miles away) in the evening and bumped into some of the lads I was having banter with!!! luckly they saw the funny side of it and were ok.
  • how many Charlton up there ?
  • there was only two coaches (thats all i saw anyway) but quite a few weekenders probably about 400-500 i'd guess. not sure whether you could hear us on the box but the vocal support was good at times and Dowie could hear us as he waved a couple of times.
  • just seen it for the first time thanks to a mate who recorded it! wow i'm a star! lol
  • Al.....I thought you already found fame on the VFR CD - seems like your solo musical career didnt quite take off?
  • i kept getting asked to make more records and loadsa agents were trying to sign me but all that fame and fortune weren't really for me! ;o)
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