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I am off

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Got a half day, going to have a second look at our flat in belvedere. Goin to a russel (Harty) tonight, see anyone who is goin in the crown tommoz then.

TTFN and lets hope for some points (or point who cares)


  • Good luck with the flat, but I thought you were going for that one next to Benty's in the millenium village?
  • Thanks lookie. Benty would love me nextdoor to him, i would constantly be running out of sugar!!
  • Saw bent yesterday... :-)... at the junction of the road that runs parrallel to charlton road... waiting for big car to go past so we could cross and who was staring out at us. i reckon he recognised us! bless him.

    04 did you go to the crown? cant believe they have got rid of Sky! went to zero degrees to watch it rther than oneils as there was a few of us and i wanted a seat!!
  • Didnt go crown in the end, sounds like i made the right choice. I headed over to Nuxley village and watched it in the fox, i nearly went crown, but a couple of mates were over the fox so i went there.
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Roland Out!