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I kid you not.
I work for network rail, and part of my duties are to patrol in the lovely surroundings of Penge, Croydon etc.
One morning my patrol got to Beckenham and we could see at the opposite end of the platform a fella standing about looking a bit dodgy.No one normally stands that far up the platform, so one of the lads remarked, " this fella looks a bit suspect, what dya reckon a jumper, if he is, there goes our no delays bonus".
Anyway we get up to the fella, and one of the lads ask him if hes ok.He lifts up the camera hes got round his neck and he says, "im waiting for the steam train thats coming along any minute to take some shots". As i look at him, i notice his tee shirt has a lion and underneath it are the words "MILLWALL FC"


  • You should have enforced rail byelaw 5 as the bloke was probably "unfit to be on the railway" given he was wearing a millwall shirt.
  • blimey you can;t get that bonus too often
  • most millwall fans i meet have a rather noncy look to em,keep well away from the kids,imo
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