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I wish I knew first-aid...

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..There was a woman in distress on the platform at Cannon St this morning. She was being helped by two other ladies but I felt so helpless.


  • I saw an old couple fall over on Tuesday, the wife stepped off the pavement by accident and twisted her ankle. Yet it was her husband who came off worse, he was holding her hand and she managed to catapult him over her into the road. Luckily enough no cars were passing at the time and he got away with minor cuts and a very sore shoulder and neck.

    I do know first aid, yet having to use it in unexpected circumstances can be daunting and you would be surprised how many professionals would walk on by when they are not covered by vicarious liability.
  • Another well-known poster in here walked straight by like me...

    C'mon you know who you are...;-)
  • why was she in distress?
  • on the platform ? that would be me then.

    Didn't realise she was in distress, just thought she hadn't felt well (suprisingly a common experience on the morning trains). Hope she is ok.
  • yeah but if 2 people were already helping what differnece would you or the "other" poster have made
  • She looked as though she was about to faint....
  • [cite]Posted By: Gump[/cite]She looked as though she was about to faint....

    If the other people were already looking after her the last thing she needed was a crowd, as long as an ambulance (if required) had been called there was nothing else you could have done
  • Go on a first aid course then.

    Most likely you could get your employer to pay but if not Red Cross and St Johns do them very cheap. One day or four day courses.
  • Can't be arsed....;-)
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Gump[/cite]Can't be arsed....;-)[/quote]

    Which is why this country is going to the hell in a handcart : - )
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