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Essential Music, Greenwich

It's closing tomorrow (Sunday) after 19 years - another nail in the coffin of Greenwich. Forget Goddards, this is what Greenwich meant to me.


  • Unfortunately, it's a growing trend.

    Not just down to downloads, but to Play and Amazon etc..

    Sad day, another tacky souvenir shop will replace it I suppose?
  • Went into the shop today, Neil the owner has also been closing down his other shops in Southend and Bournemouth.

    I had a specialist Record stall in greenwich market about the same time neil had his 1st shop.

    Just the way things have gone, i now sell all my stock on line.
  • I'm not sure I ever went there. Is it the one in the lane between the Market and the Map shop?

    Badger, what kind of music do you specialise in? There used to be a reggae specialist in the other market, near the bottle shop. Was that you?
  • I always liked it in there - it was always a handy place to go to pick up obscure CDs for my Dad for birthdays, Father's Day etc. Unfortunately I'm living on completely the wrong side of London for that now though.
  • Yes LoOkOuT it's in the lane by the map shop

    I Specialise in Rare Japanese vinyl and cd's,i also sell U.K.promos AND Collectables,i also deal in german only cd's.

    I Also collect reggae for myself,mainly dub/roots & rockers.
  • [cite]Posted By: LoOkOuT[/cite]I'm not sure I ever went there. Is it the one in the lane between the Market and the Map shop?

    That's it. Used to be on Creek Road years back.
  • Vinyl oasis,essential music,creek road.
  • I remember when they had three shops for a short time. I'm out the other side of town tomorrow, but will try to pop in late in the afternoon.

    Although I'm not sure I've forgiven him for turning me down for a job there when I was about 20.
  • Neil had 3 shops, not sure if he did any more business as Greenwich was pretty quiet during the week.

    I'm going to pop in on sunday.
  • I used to be a regular in there, particularly as two good mates worked there & i would recieve a generous staff discount on all purchases - what a shame though.

    i download a lot of stuff legally (through Napster) but ultimately i will still buy the CD if I like it.

    i currently have a st Etienne Fanclub only Cd which regularly sells on e-bay for £300+ . I got it because I was in their fanclub for years...........

    Should i sell it? I don't like selling my cds!!
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  • Up to £350 now...
  • You could always copy it and sell the original,see how much you can get for it.
  • I used to be a record company rep - Neil and the team always took all my Beth Orton off my hands....made sure I gave them all the promo stock I had as liked them so much.

    A very sad day for the market (and Neil too I imagine)...
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