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Gingerbread People...

Is the new politically correct term for a Gingerbread Man. This is country really getting that pathetic?

How long til my local lollipop lady is no longer a lady?


  • Well my local bakery sells gingerbread men and gingerbread women, so I presume the collective noun is gingerbread people.
  • Do we need to have gingerbread homosexuals / lesbians, gingerbread single parents, gingerbread people from varying cultural backgrounds?
  • Funny how they have never made the ginger part politically correct yet! Perhaps i should start campaigning!
  • Ok so we have to call them Elizabethan Gold People from now on then?
  • Two jam donuts, a french stick, and three strawberry blonde people please !
  • edited October 2006
    Isn't calling it a French stick racist?

    Shouldn't it be a bread torpedo of Gallic ancestry
  • lol, nice one chaps!
  • Anyone fancy an Indian?...
  • just about to have a full english.
  • Black pudding?
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  • Somebody else saw the repeat of Have I Got News For You last night, then!
  • [cite] Oracle:[/cite]Black pudding?

    Aint that a bit racialist?
  • France is a Nation not a Race .....
  • [cite] Riscardo:[/cite]France is a Nation not a Race .....

    So slagging someone off cos they come from Pakistan isnt an issue then?
  • I assume you're referring to the use of the first four letters of Pakistan?

    Never understood how that's taken as an insult. Polish people arent offended by being called a 'Pole', likewise Afghans, Danes, Swedes etc......
  • And those from Scotland don't mind being called Scotch either
  • I was Medders
  • Unfortunately, most of the people who use the term do mean it as an insult...

    I believe "Stan" does mean land....
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